Tuesday, December 20, 2011

abakersdoesnt said: i'm in some serious need of brow help: i was born with naturally thick and longer eyebrows. (I think) i do a pretty ok job with maintenance, but i always feel like i could a little bit better. any tips on how to shape, trim and fill thicker brows?

Eyebrows! Our favorite. We have a whole video dedicated to eyebrows coming your way soon!

Until then, remember that getting those elusive perfect brows takes patience. Here are a few suggestions to get you going:

-If you prefer at home maintenance, go to your nearest Sephora and invest in Anastasia’s Brow Stencils. Instead of wasting time trying to find your “golden ratio of brow”, these stencils do all the leg work for you.

Find the stencil that most closely mimics your current brow shape and place it on your face. Color in the stencil with a brow or eyeliner pencil, remove, and only pluck the hairs that you didn’t color in. Make sure you’re working with good tweezers. Go buy some Tweezerman’s if you haven’t already.

As for trimming, brush your brows up with a spooley. Trim any hairs that come up above your normal brow line. Be conservative. Don’t over do it. 

-If you’re into having someone else help you with your brows, do your research. Don’t just walk into any nail place and let someone have free reign on your precious brows. Google “Best Eyebrows in ________”. Or figure out which of your friends/coworkers/et cetera has the best eyebrows and ask her where she gets hers done. If she says she does them herself, ask her to help you out with yours. If all your friends have shitty eyebrows, find new friends.

-As for filling in, we’re dramatic over here and most people think we look like ladies of the night. But the best advice we can give: Follow your natural shape. Play around to find your perfect arch. If you have to wipe it off once or twice, that’s fine. It’s just make up.

We love, love, love Revlon Brow Fantasy and think every girl should have one in her make up bag. 

Stay tuned for our brow video with more brow tips and tricks!